Make Your Own Jasper, Raspberry Pi with Voice Control

Jasper is an Open Source software that make you able to control your Raspberry Pi with voice command. Thanks to Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh, the maker of Jasper, for made it and gave the fabulous documentation. For you that want to know more about Jasper, please look at this website

So, Jasper had been invented, now what?

First, I will make my own Jasper by following entire instructions. After that I will make my own application that can control some electronics (or robot) using Jasper’s api. Hmm, for this features, I doubt I still use “Jasper” name. May be SEILA (System Enhancement Intelligence LAnguage) haha :D.

And, What I have been done?

January, 1st 2016 – Raspbian Instalation
Coming Soon – Hardware Test
Coming Soon – Jasper Instalation
Coming Soon – Produce the progrom

Yes, it still far away from perfect.


Pendapat anda

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